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We get it. You're tired of digging through endless project management tools to solve fitting a round peg in a square hole.

Let us introduce the Atomic Management System.

Founder Disa McAlister discovered running ongoing tasks with today's project management tools is almost impossible. So, as any nerdy expert would, she developed a system that champions these challenges.

Versatile by design, AMS easily integrates into a variety of organizational uses. Our Certification Programs teach you better organization, agility, and project management so you can run projects like a nerdy expert.

Learn from industry experts.

Our pros with extensive knowledge and experience guide students through our approachable certification program. 

Nerdy experts-in-training leave the course feeling challenged with a new outlook, energy, and understanding of how to adapt AMS with their team and work. Key takeaways from the program:

Understand and adapt to different project management styles

Gain an in-depth overview of the Atomic Management System

Learn how Asana works for project management

Develop how to lead your own AMS project successfully

For a very limited time.

you have the added bonus of:

Lifetime membership for a one-time low fee (a $5,000 value over 10 years).

  Lifetime access to the quarterly live calls, where you can ask questions and get answers (a $12,000 value over 10 years).

When the lifetime video calls switch from quarterly to monthly, you will have access to that, too.  

That’s $17,000 of value for the low price of $110 when you join the FOUNDERS CLUB. For $110, you are certified with live support, for a lifetime.

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